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Finally, a place for dads to talk & connect.

About The Dad Cave

Run by Media Publication Daddy's Digest, in partnership with HuMENity, the Dad Cave is a rich community of dads who want to show up for themselves and their families. 

If you're a dad who wants to find a group of other fathers, who want to be open with their experiences, challenges and are willing to have hard conversations, you have come to the right place.

What's Included in The Membership?

- 2-3 Dad Cave Meet ups PER WEEK

- 1 Monthly Global Call

- Workshops with Guest Speakers

- Access to our private community of dads - chat, ask questions, share the day-to-day experiences of fatherhood

- Exclusive early bird access and discounts on courses, events and live seminars.

- The chance to be featured on daddysdigest.com (over 900,000 audience members)